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Loitering Encouraged
Phil Free is primarilly a protest song writer/singer spending most of his career working for groups like Earth First!, Food Not Bombs, IWW, Copwatch, Industrial Hemp ,Medical Marijuana, and Micro radio.
Phil has been Busking (playing music on the street) the streets of Santa Cruz California for over 10 years.

Phil also plays in a band called Jus Kiddin, a 3 person accoustic Anarchist trio. With Jus Kiddin Phil was one of the founders of Free Radio Santa Cruz, the 2nd longest running pirate radio station in the country going on 10yrs 24/7.
Having been tried in a court of law 6 times for his music Phil has never been found guilty.
Ranting Reviews
Duran, a.k.a. Skidmark Bob, and his singing partner, Phil Frenelli, a.k.a. Phil Free, have taken their political activism to the streets in recent years, pushing the boundaries of free speech and making enemies of quite a few merchants. With songs like "Kill the Cop Inside" (a sort of fascist inner child, in their view) and "I Wanna Go Shoplifting at Bookshop Santa Cruz," covers of Ice T's "Cop Killer" and their habits of singing rather loudly and referring to the downtown hosts as "Hospitality Nazis," the pair has curried little favor with local authorities.
-Santa Cruz Metro
Phil Live at Earth First! Santa Cruz benefit

CDs Tapes and Pointless consumer GoOds

With the advent of modern home duplication and digitization technologies all the artists at Jus Kiddin Inc@ have been able to produce several things and have more in the works in keeping with the D.I.Y Code:

The Big Jus Kiddin collection
23 origional songs to fan the flames of discontent and a few classics. All for the minimum donation of

NEW NEW NEW!!! Phil Live MayDay 05


Phil Free-Live At Earth First! Santa Cruz Benefit.
Phil hooks up with Spirit on drums and Skidmark Bob is on the board to Bootleg the whole Gig. Min Donation. US

Check or money order to:2120 N Pacific #32 Santa Cruz Ca. 95061
Or make a donation on-line at and send me an e-mail with mailing info. Or you can use PayPal YOU CAN GET THE PRE-MIX COPY OF THE ENTIRE LIVE ALBUM HERE FOR FREE, AND SEVERAL OTHER THINGS ON RADIO-4 ALL
BOTH ALBUMS are available through PayPal just send to my e-mail address

Captions for pictures
Cops hate him Kids Love him

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